Blikken in de wereld van een fantastisch verteller

Poëzie, Renascarrh

Divine light

Voor elk groter project probeer ik een zeer bondige samenvatting op te stellen in dichtvorm. De letterlijke tekst van het ontstane gedicht zal vervolgens geheel of gedeeltelijk terugkomen in het verhaal.

Voor Renascarrh schreef ik deze:

A princess in a silver shine
appears within light divine,
but quickly she is overrun –
one hurdle she can’t overcome.

A turn of tide will start to form
when light is seen within a storm.
A burning heart, a striking pain,
an effort that will be in vain.
Supply an enemy with proof,
a life for life, a truth for truth.

 Draw a circle on the ground,
write your name and speak it loud.
Images seen by the blind
tell about what is enshrined.

 Decisions will have to be made,
think well before the price is paid.
An ultimatum turned around,
solutions nowhere to be found
but in a book about a King
able to take everything

 Hear about what rumors fly,
bargain truth, discard the lie
Then they shall hear a dragon’s cry
with thunder flaming from the sky.

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